The DFDS Fleet 

DFDS currently operates 55 ships, predominantly ro-ro freight ships, ro-pax ships, and
passenger ships.

The DFDS fleet

The ownership share per ship type varies in relation to the ship's degree of specialisation. The
most specialised vessels in the fleet are passenger ships with an ownership share of 100% at
the end of 2010. The ro-pax fleet, which grew considerably in 2012 with the merger with LD Lines, is also specialised tonnage, and here the ownership share was 69%. Parts of the ro-ro fleet are specialised in relation to specific requirements towards size, speed and rapid loading/unloading. These ships are primarily deployed on the North Sea. The ownership share of the ro-ro fleet was 61% at the end of 2012. The ownership share for container ships was 0%. The charter period for chartered tonnage ranges from a few months up to eight years.

The average age of the owned ro-ro and ro-pax fleets was respectively 9.9 years and 13.6
years, at the end of 2012, which is satisfactory. The average age of the passenger vessels was
20.2 years at the end of 2012, excluding Queen of Scandinavia.